Our Engagement

  • The Big Question

    Yorktown Heights, New York

    So how did we get to where we are today with this gorgous ring and the upcoming "I do's"?    It all started with a week of dog sitting for Rich and Rocky in Yorktown Heights, NY.  While they went away on vacation to Aruba, Katie stayed at the house and dog sat Nikki, taking advantage of the shorter commute to work!  As Katie and Scott's same day off closed in, they decided to make plans for Scott to stay over and to go out to dinner for a date night.  When Monday finally came, Katie decided to go out and get pampered before Scott came over to visit.   With both of them together at the house after long days, they decided that because it was such a gorgous night that it would be more relaxing to just stay in and have a bonfire.  Once they were done with dinner, they went outside enjoying the night seated at the firepit that is dedicated to Scott's late sister Dominique whiel listening to music.  As time passed on and they got further through the wood pile, Scott made the suggestion that since the stars were so beautiful and more visible on the other side of the pit that they move their chairs around.  After getting the Adirondack chairs more situated next to the pit, and while Katie was shivering under a blanket waiting to sit back down, Scott got down on one knee.  Unsure of whether this was a joke or not, Katie broke down and continued to ask if Scott was being serious.  With assurance, Scott expressed his love to Katie and how he couldn't imagine spending the rest of his life without his best friend, and she confirmed with saying "YES!".  But of course it doesn't end there, to make the moment so much more special we know that Dominique played some part in popping the big question because as soon as Katie finished saying yes, the next song that played on the music station was "You Should Be Here" by Cole Swindell, a song that they both associate with Dominique!

    Added on Wed, Apr 6th 2016